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The HydroClean Ozone Water Purification System is the healthiest, safest and greenest product you can use to purify the water in your whirlpool bathtub or combination bathtub. Hydro Clean is 100% natural and biodegradable. It will help maintain a clean bathing experience.

HydroClean technology was tested by Creek Environmental Laboratories and it was proven to kill up to 99% of common bacteria. It also addresses viruses, molds and other organic contaminants found in baths. The only by-product of Hydro Clean disinfection is Oxygen. The most powerful, naturally occuring oxidizer that can safely be used in a whirlpool bath. Hydro Clean’s technology is faster, safer and 200 times more effective than chlorine. Chlorine produces a by-product called chloramine which is known to form trihalomethane (a suspected carcinogen). Hydro Clean technology prevents or destroys chloramine formation in bath water, while having no negative effect on bath water balance.

Hydro Clean technology is:

  • EPA approved as an antimicrobial disinfectant 
  • FDA approved as an antimicrobial food additive, improving food safety
  • USDA approved as an organic food additive
  • EPA listed as safe for discharge into surface and ground water
  • National Sanitation Foundation approved to sanitize whirlpool baths

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