ADD Revival Oxygen Rejuvenation Skin & Body Anti-Aging System

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Revival Rejuvenation Oxygen Skin & Body Anti-Aging System (For Gold and Silver Water Jet Tubs, and Gold and Silver Air Jet Tubs.
Oxygen: you already know that it’s essential for life, but do you realize that it’s perhaps the most important component of staying young and beautiful?
The New England Journal of Medicine calculated that the single biggest difference between the bodies of a 70-year-old and a 25-year-old is that the 25 year-old is better able to utilize oxygen.
The difference to your skin is dramatic.
  • A unique moisturizer: the oxygen bubbles help trap moisture in the skin, leaving it smooth, supple, and beautiful
  • Gentle exfoliation: the oxygen infused water softly removes old, dead skin, allowing your fresh, youthful skin to shine through
  • Remove fine lines: the healing oxygen that floods your skin helps plump your skin cells, filling in lines and wrinkle
The rejuvenation effects of Revival Oxygen therapy include. 
  • Increased circulation: simulating the effects of moderate exercise
  • Boosted metabolism: helping you burn calories quickly and efficiently
  • Deeper cleansing due to the oxygen infused water's minute bubbles lowering the surface tension of the water. This allows the water to provide deeper cleansing to your skin and pores.

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