Serenity 6 Gold Combination Jet Package

Serenity 6 72 Inch One Person Whirlpool Bathtub, Air Tub and Combination Bathtub

*Check spec sheet for actual jet placement.

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Combination tubs use the best of water jet and air jet technology. The vigorous, therapeutic massage of water jets or the quiet, relaxing bubbles of an air jet tub. Also availble as Water Jet Whirlpool Bathtubs or Air Tubs.
Gold Combination Jet Package Includes:
  • Up to 30 Total Jets
  • 18 Air Jets with a total of 108 ports
  • 6 Accu-Massage water jets
  • 4 Ultra flow water jets
  • 2 Foot Soother 7-in-1 water jets
  • 6 Jet Back Massage System
  • (1) 1.25 Variable speed Air Power Pump
  • (1) 3.25 hydro Power Three Speed Pump
  • In-line electric heater maintains steady water temp
  • Air Switch On/Off
  • Electronic Controls
  • Hydro Clean Ozone water Purification
  • Grab Bar
  • Deluxe Cable drain
  • Soothing Chromatherapy lights
  • Deluxe Oval Pillow
  • EZ Level Quiet Base-Noise reducing rubber mounts
    Dimensions: 72x36x25
    Installation Type: Drop In
    Jet Package: Gold Combination Jet
    Skirt Type: None
    Shower Model: Possible
    Water Jets: 12
    Air Jets: 18
    Bathers: One Person
    Jet Type: Water and Air Jets
    SKU: Serenity6-GCB-K
    Package Options:
    Serenity 6 Gold Combination Jet Package The Model is the size and shape of the Whirlpool Bathtub. The Jet Package is how you configure your Whirlpool Bathtub. You may choose Water Jets, Air Jets, or a Combination of Water Jets and Air Jets. In addition to the type of Jets, the Jet Package lists the number of Jets, and where the jets are located. Click on the image to the left to get a larger view of the Jet locations for the selected Jet Package.
    Cushion PillowRemovable and adjustable the pillow is available in White and Biscuit. The Deluxe Oval Pillow is perfect for any of our Whirlpool Bathtubs, Combination Tubs, or Air Tubs.
    Neck Massage Pillow (Includes 2 Water Jets)Softly lean your head back to gently caress your neck with our unique Neck Massage Pillow. The contoured Whirlpool Bathtub Pillow contains two adjustable Whirlpool Water Jets, and has a Lycra covering.
    Sole Soother Foot Massage Jets The Sole Soother – a Denver Bathtubs exclusive. This jet was designed to provide the ultimate foot massage in your Whirlpool Bathtub or Combination Bathtub. As the water rotates through the 7 ports, it relieves the nerve endings in your feet which soothes your entire body.
    HTT Hydro Thermal Therapy JetsThe HTT system is a patented method for delivering an invigorating hot and cool deep tissue massage to tired or sore areas in your legs and back. Depending on the bathtub the system consists of 8-10 Hot Air Jets beneath your legs and hips, and 6 Hot Air Jets on your back.
    EZ Clean Flat Air JetsWe've taken the Jet and put it outside the bathtub! Instead of bumping around on those Turbo Jet buttons we have a system where the Air Jet is a simple hole in the bathtub. The EZ Clean Flat Air Jet option replaces the Button Style Turbo Air Jet from the perimeter of the Air Tub, or Combination Bathtub.
    Jet Trim Kit our Metallic Trim Kit to your Jet Package to spice up the look of your Whirlpool Bathtub! Choose from: Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, or Polished Brass to distinguish your Whirlpool Bathtub and match your bathroom decor.
    Optional LightsAdd the Chromatherapy or Mood Lighting system to your Whirlpool Bathtub and experience all the health benefits of light. Cycle through the lights or pause on one for intensive therapy.
    Grab BarGrab bars are available for your Whirlpool Water Jet Bathtub, Combination Tub, Air Tub, and Soaking tub in matching acrylic colors and metallic finishes. Grab bars are standard on some Jet Packages.
    Water Purification SystemThe HydroClean Ozone Water Purification System is the healthiest, safest and greenest product you can use to purify the water in your whirlpool bathtub or combination bathtub.
    Drain Kits (Choose Color Separately)We offer two types of Drain Kits. If your Jet Package does not included a Drain Kit you may select one here, and add it to your order. Most of our Jet Packages for our Whirlpool Bathtubs, Combination Bathtubs, and Air Tubs include Drain Kits.
    Choose Drain Kit ColorDrain Kits are available for your Whirlpool Water Jet Bathtub, Combination Tub, Air Tub, and Soaking tub in matching acrylic colors and metallic finishes
    Choose Bathtub Color (Click Image for More)White and Biscuit are standard colors on all of our Whirlpool Bathtubs. The remaining Designer Colors are special order and are available for an additional charge. Please inquire about lead time and availability.
    Water HeaterInline heater available as an option on the Silver Jet Packages, where the bathtub is configured as a Whirlpool Bathtub or Combination Bathtub and has Water Jets.
    Pump Whirlpool BathtubInline 3-speed 3.25 HP or Single-Speed 2.25 HP Whirlpool Bathtub water pump for the Water Jet Package and Combination Jet Package Bathtubs.
    Air PumpInline 1.25 HP Variable Speed Hot Air Pump and the 1.0 HP Warm Air 3 Speed Air Pump for the Air Jet Package or Combination Package, where the bathtub is configured as a Combination Bathtub or an Air Massage Bathtub.
    EZ Level Base OptionThis sturdy adjustable base provides the support and leveling factor for your whirlpool tub, combination tub, and air tub. The Quiet Base option includes rubber noise and vibration dampeners to provide a more enjoyable and relaxing bathing experience.
    Aromatherapy Hydro ScentsAromatherapy is the practice of using plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. The air canister mounts on the deck of the bath and automatically introduces fragrance into the water anytime the pump is operating your Whirlpool Bathtub, Air Tub, or Combination Bathtub.
    Select Two Pump Locations When you order you must select 2 pump locations, two of either location 1, 2, 3, or 4. Please click and enlarge the image to the left to determine what are the best locations for your installation.  You may need to speak with your contractor, or give us a call.
    Optional Tile Flange Right or Left Drain Selection Your bathtub has a Tile Flange on 3 sides, and may include an optional skirt. You must choose the drain direction in relation to the Tile Flange either Right Hand or Left Hand. Click on the image to the left for pictures and instructions.
    Stay Hot Thermal InsulationNew! Keep your bath water warmer longer and reduce pump noise and vibration with our Stay Hot Thermal Insulation.
    Your Price $5,135.00
    • Installation TypeDrop In
    • Jet PackageGold Combination Jet
    • Skirt TypeNone
    • Shower ModelPossible
    • Water Jets12
    • Air Jets18
    • BathersOne Person
    • Jet TypeWater and Air Jets

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